Syrius came from a town in Cádiz where he was living on the streets. He was found on the floor, not moving, exhausted, waiting to die. When they let us know and we saw such a horrible conditions he was, we didn’t spend even a day to go and rescue him.

Despite he went through such an experience, he is a boy without fears. In fact, with volunteers he is so friendly and, of course, affectionate. He enjoys receiving all cuddles, kisses and hugs he didn’t have on the past. He has recovered physically so quick that now he is ready to find his ideal family, and we are sure they will arrive soon.

With other dogs in the shelter he doesn’t have any problem. He is a boy with a balanced behaviour which makes him being able to share his time and space with his colleagues without any problem, no matter if they are males or females. He’s also ok with cats.

Syrius has had a really bad life until now, so we are looking for him a great home where he will have all care a good boy like him deserves. Do you want to give them to him? Adopt him!

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