Bruno was living on the streets of a town of Córdoba. A woman say him and took him home, so she let us know to bring him to our shelter.

With people he is a bit shy but not afraid. He still needs to trust volunteers but that can be sorted out in a couple of weeks, once he sees we are not going to cause him any pain, quite the opposite, he only is going to receive good thing from humans from now on. Currently, he tries to approach to us so we know in a few days he will ask to all cuddles we are giving to his colleagues.

However, with other dogs he is a completely different boy. He loves playing with them, running around, spending his time with his colleagues, no matter if males or females, he is a sociable and funny dog. In fact, he uses to follow other dogs he feels comfortable with.

Bruno needs a family who will play with him and who will give him such a good life, so he can see he can trust us. Do you want to show it to him? Adopt him!

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