Saran came from a rough area in Málaga where she was on the streets and neglected. Some people tried to catch her to use her, we don’t know their purposes, and some others just hit her to get her out of there.

When she arrived to the shelter she was feeling a bit out of place but she soon realised  that now  she will just  receive love and affection. However, when she went to a foster home with her colleague Lucy, also from Galgos en Familia, she understood perfectly life has given her a second chance and from now on, she just is going to receive good things.

She is a cautious and calm girl with people but not scared of them, she likes feeling loved and being spoilt, as she wasn’t on the past. With other dogs she gets on great, she doesn’t have any problems with males or females. In fact, she loves playing with her friends and spending their time together.

Also, as we said before, she is now in a home learning the routine and rules needed in a house, so she will be ready for her forever family to fall in love with her. And you? Have you fallen in love already with her? Adopt Saran!

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