Mafalda was living on the streets, in Málaga. At the beginning she used to spend her days in a construction, but then she went to a petrol station. They were following her for a month but they couldn’t catch her as she always run away. So they did a feed routine and with a trap cage they could finally capture her.

When she arrived she was constantly with her tail between her legs and she didn’t want to get close to the volunteers. But there is nothing that lot of love and a bit of patience can’t resolve, that has been showed by so many galgos who have been here, and we know Mafalda is going to be one of them. She lets us handle her when she is in a small space, but she is still so shy and she doesn’t trust us, so it is quite hard to catch her. However, she is so kind that we are sure she will never cause us any damage.

With other dogs in the shelter she is so submissive, she doesn’t want to be part of any trouble. She is calm and she likes the company of other dogs, she feels protected with them. She doesn’t have any problem sharing her time and space with them, no matter if they are males or females.

A few days after she arrived, she started with some eczema on her nose, but she is already having a treatment and she will have again her black a shiny wonderful hair.

Do you want to give Mafalda the second chance she needs to understand she will never be alone any more? We assure you she will give you all love and company she has got inside, she just needs a bit of time. Adopt her!

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