Indira arrived to the shelter Siempre Contigo in Rota, handed in by her previous owner, a galguero of course.

She came to us recently so she is still calm and cautious, probably because she just arrived and she still needs to get used to her new life in the shelter. At the beginning, she is quite shy with people but not scared of them, although she is improving day by day. In fact, she gets close to some sociable galgos who help her to approach to the volunteers.

With other dogs she doesn’t have any problem, she is balanced and sociable with them so she can share her time and space with males or females. Also, she likes spending her time with her colleagues, so she will be so pleased if she has a brother or sister in her future home to share her free time. And she is SUITABLE to live with CATS!

Indira is looking forward to live with her perfect family, who will love her forever and won’t consider her as a tool to gain some money. We are sure she will find her in a few days. Could be yours? Adopt her!

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