Pampero arrived to the shelter Siempre Contigo in Rota, handed in by his galguero when he was not useful any longer. Despite his short age he has been already trough 3 different owners, who has been getting rid of him when they consider.

He is a physical impressive galgo, quite tall, elegant, a bit skinny and with some marks and scars from the bad life he had until now. Despite at the beginning they used to be some out of place due to all changes they suffer when they arrived to the shelter, Pampero is confident, kind and friendly. He get close to people without any problem and he loves receiving all cuddles he didn’t have on the past.

With other dogs for now he didn’t show any negative reaction. He can share his time and space with males or females. He is not a dominant galgo, quite the opposite, he has such a balanced behaviour.

Pampero starts now the search of his forever family and his so needed stability only you can give him. Would you do it? Adopt him!

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