Lucy has been one of the most difficult dogs to rescue we ever had, as she didn’t stop moving from one place to another, so it was quite hard to create a routine for her. She has been wandering between a few towns in Málaga but finally, after a few weeks behind her, they could catch her with a trap cage.

When she arrived to the shelter she was so mistrustful, but since then she has improved a lot. Currently, she is in a foster home with her colleague Saran, also from Galgos en Familia. Both of them are learning how to live in a house to be ready for their forever families.

Lucy now is a cautious girl with people, but not scared of them, so she can be spoilt without any problem. However, when she is with other dogs she becomes playful and she loses her shame, as she loves spending her time with her friends. She is a calm girl who is getting used to live with a routine of a home wonderfully.

Do you want to check how funny galgos can be when they are playing together? Adopt Lucy!

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