Jasmin came with Axel from Córdob when they were handed in by their galguero when they were not useful any longer.

Jazmín arrived just a while ago to us so she is still getting used to her new life in the shelter and to all volunteers, as she still is a bit prudent with them. That is why we are giving her the time and space she needs to feel more comfortable, so she can show us the fantastic girl she really is deep inside. Probably, with love and dedication, we will see her change in a couple of weeks.

She can share her space and time with other dogs without any problem, no matter if they are males or females. She doesn’t like troubles and she is not conflictive at all.

Jasmin is looking forward to meet the family she always deserved but she never had. Do you want to check if she is your ideal colleague? Adopt Jasmin!

For more information please write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com