Heidi came from a town in Málaga. Our volunteers were trying to rescue her for a few days until they could definitely do it with a trap cage.

When she arrived to the shelter she was such a scared girl, panicking when someone approached to her. Now, thanks to all love and patience of our volunteers, who gave her the space and time she needed, she is improving step by step. Now she doesn’t panic but she still doesn’t trust people. But we are sure in a few weeks time, she will be an affectionate girl without any fears.

With other dogs in the shelter, however, she has a completely different behaviour. She is so playful and funny with them, she loves spending her time studying the area and playing with the water troughs of the patios. She’s also ok with cats.

Heidi needs a family who will give her lot of love and understanding so she can trust human being again. If you thing you have the ideal home for her, don’t think about it any longer. Adopt her!

For more information please write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com