Burbuja came from a town of Málaga with her daughters Maya and Mica, and their dad Marcos, who also is part of Galgos en Familia. All of them were in a country house with other dogs of other breeds, tied to different trees. Someone reported that situation and the police went there to rescue them, letting us know to take care of the galgos.

When she arrived to the shelter she was a scared girl, with fears. But soon she understood nothing wrong was going to happen from now on, and that she is just going to receive good things. For that reason, and thanks to all love and patience of our volunteers, Burbuja is improving step by step. Now is able to receive them behind the door, moving her tail and jumping, although when they approach to her, she still feels a bit uncomfortable so she walks back a bit. However, we are sure in a few weeks she will be a loving and happy girl!

With her colleagues in the shelter she doesn’t have any problem. She is a sociable and submissive girl with a balanced behaviour, so she is able to share her day-to-day with males or females. She’s also ok with cats.

Do you want to show Burbuja that human being could be as wonderful as she is? Don’t think about it any more, adopt her!

For more information please write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com