Lali came to the shelter together with Lourdita from Granada and was handed over by her owner.

Lali has only been with us for a short time, so she is still uneasy, fearful and cautious and still has to adapt to her new life at the shelter. At the beginning, she is very shy with people, although she is getting better and better every day. In fact, she sticks to other more sociable galgos and that helps her to get closer to the volunteers.

With other dogs she has no problem, she is sociable with them, so she can share her time and space with both males and females. She likes to spend time with her furry companions, so she will love it if in her future home she has a sibling to share her free time with, and she is also cat friendly!

Lali can’t wait to find a wonderful family who will love her forever and won’t consider her just a tool. Will she be yours? Adopt Lali! Write to us at