Fletcher was adopted by a family about 3 years ago. Due to the fact that this little dog suffers from occasional epileptic seizures, his family can no longer take care of him.

Fletcher is a very handsome and friendly boy who loves to receive affection from people, he walks great on a leash and greets people as they pass by. He is not a fearful dog. He gets on great with all dogs, both male and female, for him they are all good playmates. He is also cat friendly.

Fletcher is a very special, good and calm doggy who needs daily medication.

We don’t want him to go back to the shelter because of his condition, so we hope that someone will fall in love with him and he can find his real home and a family who will love him regardless of his condition. If you want to fill your heart with doggy love, adopt Fletcher! Write to us at gefadopcionesesp@gmail.com.