Lourdita came to the shelter together with Lali, from Granada, both were handed over by their owner.

Lourdita is shy at first when you approach her, but when you are close to her and pet her, she loves it! We know that when they arrive with some kind of fear, it is a long process and a lot of work, but Lourdita is doing great and in a short time she has improved a lot, it is just a matter of working with her.

With other dogs she has no problem at all, she is sociable with them, so she can share her time and space with both males and females. She also likes to spend time with her furry companions, so she will love it if in her future home she has a sibling to share her free time with, and she is also cat friendly!

Lourdita needs patience, lots of love and a little boost of confidence to be completely happy. Do you want to help this little cutie? Write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com. Adopt Lourdita!