Taco came from Sevilla with Aisha and Anisa.

Taco is a beautiful two years old galgo. Due to his past Taco can be timid with people, although he is improving day by day, he just needs patience, love and a little push of confidence to be the happy and wonderful dog that he is. Little by little he is gaining confidence with the volunteers and is starting to play with the toys and have fun. He has no problems with other dogs in the shelter, on the contrary, he has calm character. It would be ideal if he had doggy companion, as we have observed that when he is with more dogs his behaviour improves, he feels more confident and relaxed. He is also suitable with cats.

Taco needs a family to show him what it means to feel loved. If you want him to be part of your family, write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com .

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