Leon is a Mastiff cross puppy, who was rescued along with his sisters from death, by someone who neither wanted nor could look the other way. Nowadays León lives in foster care with the person who was his guardian angel.

Leon is a lovely dog, he has the typical energy of a puppy, but he is also very obedient and intelligent, he is a real 10! He lives very well with other dogs, for Leon they are all potential friends.

The time has come for Leon to find his forever home, to continue growing up with a family that loves him and cares for him forever.

Once again we want to remind you of the importance of responsible adoption, the importance of being aware that an adorable puppy will have moments to melt with love, but will also give you headaches. It’s up to you, your perseverance, your commitment and also sometimes your patience that this adorable puppy becomes a balanced and happy adult.

If you want Leon to become part of your family and fill your life with doggy love, write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com. Adopt Leon!