Fresa is a podenquita who was rescued from the street.

Fresa has a wonderful character, with the volunteers she is a loving and friendly girl, she likes to spend time with people and receive all the cuddles and hugs that she hasn’t had in the past. Strawberry walks well on a leash, she walks calmly, smelling and wagging her tail happily. Just like in the car, she lies down and doesn’t make a sound.

With the other dogs in the shelter she is just as good, she is very sociable and does not like conflicts, so she can share her time and space with both males and females. She is also suitable with cats.

Strawberry is that kind of dog that could be very happy with any family, even if they haven’t had experience with other dogs before. We know she is an ideal girl, now she just needs to find a good home. Will it be yours? Adopt Strawberry! Write to us at