Viola comes from Seville together with Arpa, Lira and Tuba on loan from their galguero, again the story of not being useful anymore.

Viola is a fearful dog who still finds it a bit difficult to approach the volunteers, although day by day she is improving and starting to trust people. When she is in the playgrounds with her doggy companions she is more confident, for her all dogs are good playmates. When Viola starts to trust people she is more affectionate and happy.

Viola needs a family who will give her lots of love and understanding so that she can start to trust humans again. If you think you have the ideal home for her, don’t think twice.

The family that adopts her has to take into account that at the beginning she will be shy and cautious, but when she gets confidence she will show her true colours. If you have fallen in love with this beautiful dog and you want to have an extra dose of love in your life, don’t hesitate, write to Adopt Viola!