Poppy was living badly on the streets of a village in Seville, she was found at the door of a shop chewing her tail in a frenzy, her tail was completely damaged and infected. Luckily, there were wonderful people who immediately came to her rescue, gave her veterinary care and contacted us to secure a new life for her. Poppy has undergone surgery to amputate part of her remaining tail to stop the infection.

Poppy is a galgo with a wonderful character. With the volunteers she is a very friendly and loving girl, she likes to spend time with people and loves children.  She enjoys getting all the cuddles and hugs she has not had in the past.   Poppy enjoys playing with the ball and with other dogs she has no problem, she is very sociable and can share her time and space with both males and females.  It would be great if in her future home she has a sibling to share her playtime and free access to a garden as she enjoys being outside.

If you have fallen in love with this beautiful dog and you want her to be part of your family, write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com.