Gia came to our shelter after a lifetime of hunting in Córdoba, she is one of the lucky ones who managed to leave that life behind. But unfortunately, Gia had an “incident”, she fractured one of her hind legs and because she didn’t have the care she needed, there was no choice but to amputate that leg. Gia is a real champion and although she is missing her right hind leg, she lives a normal and happy life.

Gia is a cautious and shy girl with people, so she allows herself to be petted without problems, although she is more confident with women than with men and she loves children. She is a dog that walks very well on a leash and travels well in the car where she lies down and is calm.

With other dogs she has no problems at all, she is sociable and can share her time and space with both males and females. Where she is kept there is a colony of cats, she approaches them with no bad intentions, just a little bit of interest.

For this girl we are looking for an amazing family who will take care of her and spoil her as much as they can and more, and who have other balanced dogs who can guide and support her. If you have fallen in love with this beautiful dog and can give her the life she deserves, write to us at Adopt Gia!