Cleopatra comes from Siempre Contigo Rota with her puppy Fleky.

Cleopatra is a beautiful galga of 8 years old, she is a  lovely girl,  cautious and just a bit untrustful with strangers, but sociable and nice with the people she knows. She is at the shelter at the moment but was at foster for a while and they told us  that she behaves very well and is a lovely dog. She gets on well with other dogs regardless of whether they are male or female, She walks well on the leash and like to socialize in doggy parks.  Basic cat tes ok.

Cleopatra needs a family to keep her happy and calm for the rest of her life; it is about time that all she gets is love and good things. Would you like to give this beautiful galguita a home? Write to us at Adopt Cleopatra!