Chopin came from the shelter La Guarida de Puente Genil, together with his friends Verdi, Johan and Vivaldi.

Chopin has only been with us for a short time, so he is still a little uneasy and quiet, he still has to adapt to his new life. He is a fearful dog with people, but little by little he is improving. He needs dedication, a lot of love and patience. He likes to be with other dogs and that helps him to trust more.

He has no problem with other dogs, he is sociable with them, so he can share his time and space with both males and females. He also likes to spend time with his furry companions, so he will love it if he has a friend in his future home with whom he can share his playtime.

Chopin is looking forward to finding a wonderful family who will love him forever – adopt Chopin! For more information write to