Candela came to our shelter after a lifetime in the hunting world from Badajoz.

She is one of the lucky ones who managed to leave that life behind, but unfortunately, she has not yet been able to leave behind the pain and suffering, as our girl has had to undergo osteosynthesis in one of her legs, a complicated and costly surgery, but very necessary. It has also been necessary to amputate her right front paw.

Candela is a dog with a very special character, she is very affectionate and friendly, she is not afraid at all. Her foster mother tells us that she does most of her needs in the street, although she still has a few wee-wee’s at home. To sum up, Candela is a lovely dog, she doesn’t make a noise in the house.

She has no problem with other dogs, she is a balanced and sociable girl, so she can share her time and space with both males and females. Thanks to her good character, she can live together as an only dog or with other dogs. Her foster mommy has a colony of cats and she approaches them without bad intentions, so she is probably cat friendly.

For this girl we are looking for an amazing family who will take care of her and spoil her as much as they can and more, a family that has a quiet life, as Candela should not run in parks, only short walks. She will give you love every day in return, as she is a very grateful dog. She is fantastic!

If you have fallen in love with this beautiful dog and you can give her the quiet and pampered life she deserves, write to Adopt Candela!