Arco arrived at our shelter after being rescued by our colleagues from La Guarida. Arco was found lying in the middle of the countryside, in a really pitiful state, malnourished, completely full of bugs, with a strong infection in his ears and with his eyes completely blindfolded.

Since his arrival, Arco has shown himself to be a docile, noble and very calm dog. He likes to be petted and is happy to be cuddled. He gets on well with his doggy companions.

Arco is slowly recovering from the suffering and harsh conditions in which he arrived and we are allowing him to recover at his own pace, giving him the space, calm and care he needs to flourish. As for the state of his eyes, we are still waiting for a diagnosis from the vets specialised in ophthalmology to see what options are available and choose the best possible treatment. Of course, we will keep you informed about its evolution.

UPDATE: as we mentioned, Arco’s eyes arrived in poor condition, but after several visits, treatments and check-ups at the vet’s ophthalmology specialist, they confirmed that our boy has improved and currently has approximately 40% vision. He has to follow a treatment with eye drops, but he can live a completely normal life ❤️

We know that Arco does not have it easy. At GEF we take on the challenge of finding a family for him, who will adopt him, commit to him and take care of him forever. Arco deserves to enjoy a happy life. He is a very calm and good dog, for whom a home with a doggy companion would be ideal, but without too much fuss. Do you want to give this wonderful being a chance? If you have any questions or need more information, write to

If you can’t adopt Arco, but you can become his sponsor and help us to pay for his treatment expenses, please write us at: