Kali together with Wanda, Natura, Quilla, Uxia and Fauna, all of them from Badajoz, all of them were handed over by their owners.

When Kali arrived she was constantly with her tail between her legs and didn’t want to move or get up from her bed. But there is nothing that a lot of love and a bit of patience can’t solve, and this has been proved by many dogs that have passed through here, and we know that Kali is going to be one of them. She is a dog who lets herself be handled when she is in a small environment, but she is still very shy and doesn’t trust us yet, so she doesn’t let herself be picked up easily. However, she is very noble, we are sure she will never do anything bad to us.

With the other dogs in the shelter she is very submissive, she doesn’t want to be part of any conflict. She is a quiet dog who likes the company of other dogs, because she feels protected with them. She has no problem sharing her time or space with them, both with males and females.

The ideal family for Kali should have experience with fearful dogs and have other dogs to help her adapt and feel more secure.

Kali needs patience, lots of love and a little boost of confidence to be completely happy. Do you want to help this little cutie? Adopt Kali! Write to us at gefadopciones@hotmail.com