Alegría comes from Benamejí, a town of Córdoba. In November, running in the country, she bumped into a tree and lost the mobility of her back legs. The old owner radiography the legs but neither did anything for her nor rehabilitation, he left she enclosed in a garage. Little by little she started to move again by her own and recovered part of the mobility. Finally, she was handed by the galguero and nowadays she’s happy and can live normally, but she has some coordination problems and sometimes she loses stability.

Despite of everything, she’s a really nice girl that gets on well with dogs, no matter if they are males or females. With people she is caotious at the beginning, but with time she becomes sweet and loving. She loves to go out for walks, but you need to understand that, due to her problem with her legs, she needs to do breaks sometimes.

Alegría is not ok with cats, as she gets very nervous when she see one of them.

Give Alegría that happiness life she deserves! Adopt her!

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