May comes from a town in Cádiz, Paterna de la Rivera. He came in a very bad conditions, full of wounds, scars and his skin in a really bad state. When he was worst, his “owner”, if he can be call it, told us to take him to the shelter or “he will deal with the dog” (all of us know what that this mean).

Despite the horrible state and life he had, May is a lovely and very kind boy, who love to be with the volunteers and get thousands of cuddles and hugs. It seems like he already knows he’s not going to suffer anymore.

He also gets on really well with other dogs and plays so much with them. The only “problem” May has, is that he doesn’t seem to like cats, he barks at them too much and very loud, although we don’t really know if he only wants to play with them as well.

Adopt May and help him to heal his physical and emotional injuries.

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