Wajira arrived to the shelter at the end of 2014, handed in by her galguero in a town of Málaga. She was adopted in January 2015, and five years later her family give her back to us because they are going to have a baby and Wajira is not in their plans any more.

Currently, she is in a foster home because we didn’t want that after so many years in a house, she has to return to a shelter again. Her temporary family told us she can’t be any better. She is extremely calm, so she doesn’t move from her bed. She is an ideal dog even to be the only one at home, as she doesn’t make any noise. She is always looking for cuddles and she is so grateful, not moving far from her family. Honestly, we promise you she is a fantastic and kind girl.

With other dogs she is so sociable with males or females, with active or calm dogs. She has such a balanced behaviour and you can see it easily.

Wajira, now that she is 10 years old, deserves the best of families. Someone who will never get rid of her because she is an impediment or because plans have changed. She is looking forward to be part of a home until the end of her life and we are ready to find it, because she deserves it. Would you adopt her, please?

For more information please write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com