Helena came from the shelter La Guarida, in Córdoba. As soon as they saw her situation, they called us for help, as they are even more busy that we are. She arrived with a fracture of femur, so she had to had a surgery. Nowadays, she is in a foster home with two of our best volunteers, where she is improving so quick and where she receive all cares needed.

She is extremely affectionate, she asks for cuddles constantly, and with that face, nobody can resists to don’t give them to her. She is a very friendly and close dog with people, she doesn’t stop moving her tail, showing how happy and grateful she is now.

With other dogs she doesn’t have a problem, it doesn’t matter if they are big, or small, male, or female. She is sociable, submissive and balanced, so she will get on with any doggy brother or sister she will have in future.

Helena deserves a family as good as she is, where she will receive all love and comfort she needs after all she has gone through. Do you think your house could be the home she wants? Adopt her!

For more information please write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com