Uxia together with Wanda, Natura, Quilla, Kali and Fauna, come from Badajoz, all of them are handed in by their owners.

Uxia is shy and fearful of humans, for her they are pain and suffering, so she avoids contact with them. Little by little and with a lot of patience and affection, our volunteers are teaching them that they have nothing to fear, that there are people willing to fight for them and that they will be treated with the respect and love that they should never have been denied. We know that when they arrive with some kind of fear, it is a long process and a lot of work, but Uxia is doing great and in a short time she has improved a lot, it is just a matter of working with her.

She has no problems with other dogs, although she is more independent and prefers to be quiet. Uxia needs patience, a lot of love and a little push of confidence to be completely happy. Do you want to help this precious dog? Adopt Uxia! Write to us at gefadopciones@hotmail.com.