Ángel arrived at our shelter together with Coque from La Guarida.

Ángel is a young boy with a initially shy personality and a bit of insecurity when it comes to meeting new people. However, although he may be reserved at first, his curiosity and desire to explore soon comes to the surface and he approaches you to get to know you and ask for attention and cuddles.

With other dogs, Ángel quickly trusts and feels comfortable. He is sociable with his canine companions, whether male or female.

Despite his initial shyness, Ángel has great potential to become the loving and affectionate dog that every family needs. In order for his adaptation to his new home to be successful, his future family must give him the necessary time and space on arrival until Ángel adapts to his new home at his own pace. Nothing that a little patience and affection can’t solve. Are you the person who will give this young galgo a chance? Write to us at gefadopciones@hotmail.com