Nova is a beautiful podenca who comes from a town called Estepa together with her companion Leah, both given by their owner. Nova is a great dog, affectionate, friendly and funny.  Like a good Podenco she is very active and fun. Nova lives and plays very well with other dogs, male, female, big or small, for her they are all good playmates and she enjoys cheering them up and giving them life. When she is in the yard she enjoys playing with the ball. She is not cat friendly.

Although she is young, she knows well what it feels to be abandoned, hungry and suffering, so the time has come for her to know what real happiness is, to learn what it means to be part of a family, what it means to have a home, what it means to live, to have a real life.

If you have fallen in love with this little girl and her little ears and you want to know the real podenco power, don’t think about it and write to us at Adopt Nova!