Levi is an Andalusian Podenco, he was found alone, roaming around and in bad conditions with one broken paw . He was immediately operated , the operation was great and thanks to it and the care of his foster mummy, his recovery is being a success and if everything continues like this, in no time, he will be able to live a normal life.

Teresa tells us that Levi is an affectionate, friendly and as a good Podenco puppy, very funny and playful. He gets on very well with other dogs, he is a very sociable .

Levi is still looking for his forever home, he is looking for a family that will love him and take care of him for the rest of his life, a family that understands the commitment and responsibility that comes with adopting a puppy, something that will give you wonderful and unforgettable moments, but also, some headaches.If you want to addopt levi .

Write to us at gefadopciones@hotmail.com  . Adopt Levi!