Kitty comes from Malaga and has been used for breeding. As she is no longer needed for breeding, she was handed over to us and came to our shelter looking for a chance to finally be happy.

Kitty is a beautiful Bichon Maltese and as you can imagine she hasn’t had much contact with humans, she only saw people cleaning her cage and they didn’t spend a minute with her. She is a fearful dog because of her past and has no confidence in humans. We know she will be much better when we see her wagging her tail when she sees us from a distance. It will be a matter of time, dedication, love and a lot of patience for our Kitty to be happy. Ideally we would like to find an experienced family with other well balanced dogs who can guide and support her. She goes well with other dogs. We owe it to this beautiful dog!

If you want Kitty to be part of your life, give her a chance! Write to us at