Hermes is one of the 8 puppies that arrived at the shelter with their mum Malta. Rescued from the streets of a town in Córdoba, they lived in a stretch between some wheels and came in very bad conditions. But all this is over for them and luckily, they will grow up without knowing what abuse is.

They are still too young to know what kind of behaviour they will have. For now, they are as any other puppy: active, lively, curious, playful and sleepy. The family who adopts any of them needs to know that, as they grow up, they will be more restless and probably they will break or chew something at home. So they will need someone to teach them some basic rules like walk on a leash, do their bodily functions outside, etc.

If you are ready to give him all love, patience and education he needs, don’t think about it anymore. Adopt Hermes!

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