Cuore came along with Chispa and Fernando from Lopera, where they were given up by their previous “owner”.

When Cuore arrived at the shelter was in a panic, now thanks to the love and understanding of the volunteers, who have given her the space and time she needed, she is improving.  We are so happy that Couree is no longer in panick although she is still fearful and distrustful of people, but when she feels comfortable she is affectionate and want attention. We are sure that soon Cuore will be a more balanced dog.

She goes very well with other dogs and enjoys their company. The ideal family for Cuore should have experience with fearful dogs and have other dogs to help her adapt and feel more secure.

Cuore needs patience, lots of love and a little boost of confidence to be completely happy. Do you want to help this little cutie? Adopt Cuore! Write to us at