Cristina is 8 years old and has lived through years of suffering and abuse. We were given an urgent warning, her owner, after exploiting her, decided that she was in his way and if no one picked her up that same day, her destiny would be the pound

Cristina in the first days at her foster home was uneasy and anxious, but soon she settled in her home and now she is one of the pack.

This beautiful galga is a very cheerful, friendly and affectionate dog, she loves human contact and thanks every caress by happily wagging her tail. Thanks to her character she is very sociable with dogs and children. At home she is very well behaved and walks well on a lead.

For the family that decides to open the doors to her home, you have to take into account that the first days she may be more restless, but in a short time you will win her heart and she will thank you with her wagging tail.  If you have fallen in love with Cristina, and you want her to become part of your family, write to Adopt Cristina!