Churri came along with Chimi rescued by SOS Rescue, rescue of galgos podencos and others in Malaga.

Churri is an adult galgo who had to have an operation on her leg when she was brought in, so she went into foster care. Her foster says that she is a very noble dog, in spite of the bad things she has been through, she doesn’t have any bad gesture towards human beings. She is shy at first with strangers, but when she gets to know them she is very friendly. She is very affectionate with the people she lives with, she loves cuddles. In the street, she gets scared if she hears a loud noise and is suspicious if someone walks behind her, but otherwise she is fine. Since she started to go for walks she always does her needs outside, nothing inside. She is very sociable, she gets on well with other dogs, no matter their size or sex.

Although our Churri is very happy in her foster home, she needs to find her definitive home. If you have fallen in love with Churri, and you want her to be part of your home and family, write to Adopt Churri!