Braki was found alone, very scared, wandering near the road and the train tracks, in an industrial estate in Malaga. Her condition was pitiful, thin, with wounds and full of bugs but fortunately, she crossed the path of a wonderful person who took care of her, rescued her and took her to the vet. Since that day she has been in foster care with her, she is now fully recovered and healthy.

Braki is a very affectionate dog who loves to be cuddled and although she is a very energetic dog, she behaves very well at home and likes to lie on the sofa. She gets on great with other dogs, in the foster home she enjoys being in the company of her doggy brothers and sisters, going for walks and exercise every day. She is a very well behaved girl, and although she loves food, when humans are eating near her she does not ask for food.

It is time for this beautiful young dog to know what it is like to have a home and a good family, one that cares for her and pampers her every day. If you want Braki to be part of your family, write to us at