Trebol arrived from Jaén.

He arrived very fearful , he did not want to have have anything to do with us or with the other dogs , he did not trust us and this breaks our hearts. We just want to show him how much we love him, what happened to you Trebol?

He has been with us a little while now and although he has improved slightly, he is still scared and avoids human contact, with the other dogs he has improved too, he has made friends with a couple of the males in his run and he looks to them for support and with the rest he has had no problems
as he is a submissive boy who avoids any kind of trouble.

Trebol needs a family with experience and patience, someone who will give him time and lot of love, so he could be one day a totally happy dog. Will your house be the home he needs so much? ¡Adopt him!

If you want to see a video of Trebol, click on the link:

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