Pizca came from a town in Málaga. She had an owner but he didn’t give her all care needed, in fact she was all the time on the streets, looking for food around the rubbish bins and following constantly that man everywhere, who didn’t even looked at her. Finally, he handed her in with her 6 puppies, all of them full of ticks.

Pizca suffered so many changes in a short period of time, so when she arrived she was a shy and cautious girl. However, soon she understood everything she was going to receive from the volunteers was love and lot of cuddles, so she relaxed and showed us the girl she really is now: a happy and playful dog who enjoys having so many kisses and hugs. She could be a bit shy with unknowns but as soon as she feels comfortable, she changes.

With other dogs she is totally sociable, with both males or females, thanks to her balanced behaviour. Also, she is not a dominant dog, quite the opposite, she is extremely good.

Do you want to give Pizca the life she always deserved with good food, lot of love and a very comfortable bed? Adopt her!

For more information please write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com