Moonlight came from the shelter Siempre Contigo, in Cádiz. As her colleague Midnight, she was discarded by her owner when she was not useful for him.

Moonlight arrived to the shelter being so shy, but in a short period of time she has developed in a sweet, calm and affectionate girl. She is submissive, prudent and kind with volunteers. When we arrive she says Hello with her tail and approaching to us to receive some cuddles. Step by step, she is showing her real behaviour, a happy and loving galga.

With other dogs in the shelter she gets on well, she has a calm behaviour so she can stay with males or females. She shares her space with all of them, so if she has got a doggy friend at home, it won’t be any problem with him/her. Also, she is suitable to live with CATS!

Moonlight is a great girl who needs a second chance to be happy. Do you want to give her the opportunity she needs? Adopt her!

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