Mati came from the dog kennel of Antequera with some bones of one of her rear paws on air, they were completely exposed, without any skin to cover it. Probably, because of a trap. May be she ate her own paw to release herself from it or may be she pulled that much that the skin stripped off. In any way, in the dog kennel didn’t treat it so when she arrived to us it was already infected. When we saw how she had her paw, we took her immediately to the vet, where they amputated part of the bone and closed the wound. She was on a course of antibiotics and now she is recovering from that surgery, soon she will be able to do normal life.

This small sized galga, despite the mistreatment, pain and bad situations she has gone through, she is not scared of human being. Quite the opposite, she is so sweet, kind and loving, who loves receiving all our affection. She is a really good girl with an exemplary behaviour.

With other dogs in the shelter she is sociable, submissive and balanced, no matter if they are males or females.

Mati is the ideal girl who any family would like to have in their lifes, we assure you. She just needs someone to fall in love with her same way we have done it already. Do you want to take her home? Adopt her!

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