Mateo was on the streets with a massive wound on his back, in such a bad conditions and so skinny, in a town of Sevilla. A man rescued him and took him home. He called us but by then our shelter was full, so he was doing his dressings until we could bring him with us.

At the beginning, Mateo can be a cautious boy who doesn’t like loud noises and abrupt movements, but apart from that, when he feels confident, he is friendly and affectionate with people he knows. In fact, when the volunteers arrive to the shelter, he is always waiting for him so happy behind the fence.

With other dogs in the shelter he is not dominant at all, he gets on well with all his colleagues, no matter if males or females. He is a boy with a balanced behaviour who loves cuddles.

Mateo deserves a family who will provide him happiness and stability, so he will learn there is nothing to get worried about around him now. Do you want to be the one who will give it to him? Adopt him!

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