Lilu is a very lucky podenco, as she was found in Málaga by chance while some girls were looking for another dog who get lost. Currently, she is in a foster home with one of our volunteers.

Her temporary family has told us she is such a nice and good girl at home. She doesn’t make any noise, she is friendly and affectionate with everyone, even with unknown. She is so loving that if they stop giving her cuddles, she puts her paw on their legs so they can continue. She is pure love. Also, she is so obedient and she does all her business outside. Probably, her adaptation process in her future home will be really easy.

With other dogs she is a very friendly and sociable girl. Actually, she lives with other 8 dogs, of all sizes, males and females, and she gets on well with all of them. We don’t know yet if she is suitable to live with cats.

If you want to have this sweet at home to complete your family, don’t think about it any more. Adopt her!

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