Laura was handed in by her galguero in a town of Jaén, with four more galgos. All of them are with us, looking for a second chance and a family who will fall in love with them. Laura is Eneritz’s sister, a galga who was in our shelter a while ago and who is now happily adopted.

The truth is that Laura is a perfect girl, that kind of dog who any of us would like to have at home. She is close and loving with all volunteers, she doesn’t have any fears to people. She is also playful, so she likes we throw the tennis ball and run behind it. She is quite active, but not a lot, as soon as she is tired, she has a nap under the sun to recover herself.

With other dogs she doesn’t have any problem, she can share her space with males or females. She likes spending her free time with other dogs, running around the area, to rest later all together.

Laura wants to have a family to show them how wonderful, balanced and sociable she is. Do you want to see it with your own eyes? Adopt her!

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