Inés comes from La Guarida in Puente Genil along with Nunu, Katrina, Iruna, Matilde and Gisela, where they were found.

Inés is currently in foster care, her family tells us that at first she was cautious. Little by little she is showing her character, she is a very good dog, she learns quickly and is calm, with other dogs she acts very well and in a prudent way. She walks very well and in the dog park she plays with the other dogs whether they are male or female, for her they are all good playmates. She is very good at home.

Inés is a dog that could be very happy with any family, even if they have not had experience with other dogs before. We know she is an ideal girl, now she just needs to find her family and her definitive home. Will it be yours? Write to us at Adopt Inés!