Ígor came to our shelter from a village in Jaén on loan from his galguero.

At the beginning of his arrival at the shelter Ígor was somewhat cautious and shy with the volunteers, but little by little with patience, a lot of affection and his doggy companions, he trusts us more and more every day. Although Ígor has improved a lot, when new volunteers come to the shelter, he is cautious and gets scared if someone makes a sudden movement. He has no problems with the other dogs in the shelter, on the contrary, he has a noble and calm character.

We are looking for a dynamic family for him, who likes walks and an active life, as he is a dog with a lot of energy. For the family that decides to open the doors to his home and his heart, you have to take into account that he may be more restless the first few days, but in a short time you will win his heart and he will thank you for it day by day. If you have fallen in love with Ígor, and you want him to be part of your family, write to gefadopciones@hotmail.com. Adopt Ígor !