Galleta came from Estepa handed over by her owner.

When she arrived at our shelter and as a result of her bad experience with humans, Galleta was fearful and cautious, but little by little with the patience and affection of our volunteers and thanks to the confidence that her doggy companions give her every day, she shows a little more confident.

We know that when an animal has suffered and has had a bad experience, it can arrive with some kind of fear or trauma and that its recovery can be a long process, which will require the commitment of its new family, but we can say that Galleta is doing wonderfully and in a short time she has improved, it is only a question of time and work with her.  It would be ideal to have dog companion in her new family.  She has no problems with the other dogs in the shelter, on the contrary, she has a noble and calm character.

Galleta needs a patient family, willing to give her a lot of love and the little push of confidence that she needs to be completely happy.
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