26 October, 2017
9 November, 2017


This week arrives to our weekly section this handsome boy called Odín.

Odín is a Young galgo who, like so many of them, one day he became useless, and of grattitude for his loyalty from his galguero was abandon leave him on his own devices.

He arrives to our shelter not too long ago so he is still a bit shy with men, but this is something we are working on and it is just a matter of time for Odín to feel completely confident with them.

He is a kind and loving dog, apart from being handsome and a good boy. He is looking for that family he always should had and who never will abandon him. Odín needs a home where he will be helped to trust people quicker and where the confidence one day was pulled out, will be given back to him.

He is sociable with other dogs, to go for a walk with him is very pleasant as he walk without any trouble with the leash and he always goes by your side looking for your company.

This gorgeous boy is improving a lot, but we know he still have inside lot of love to express to someone. Do you want to teach him not every humans are similar?

Odín has suffered a lot during his short life, but he still have so many years to enjoy life and being happy. He needs more than ever a home where he will be loved. Do you want to change his life? Adopt him!

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