25 November, 2019
10 December, 2019


This week is Bimba´s turn! We introduce you our lovely doggy Bimba! 

Do not miss the story of Bimba because it has no waste. Come with me through these lines… 

Bimba wandered alone through the streets in a Malaga industrial estate when she barely had 6 months of age. Few workers saw her and raised the alarm. With a trap cage and patience, a very good friend of Galgos en Familia association took her and brought her to safety. 

Even though at the beginning she was scary and elusive, right now she lives in a shelter house and they told us that Bimba is a very likable, happy and lovely dog. As well as obedient, her relationship with kids is also very good. At home she behaves well, doesn’t makes any noise, very respectful and clean… She always make her needs on the street! We don’t have any bad words of Bimba, on the contrary, she is an excellent dog. She walks very good with a lead, walking right next to you all the time. 

Bimba has also a very good behavior with other dogs, avoiding fights, and if she gets involved in one by any circumstances, she always tries to bring peace between them! She is sociable, submissive and she is also fine in a house with cats. 

Running out of words for our lovely Bimba, she is a wonderful lady who needs a forever home where she can feel part of the family, a forever home where they are willing to take care of her everyday, playing with her and giving her all the love she deserves. We are completely sure that, thanks to her marvelous adaptability, she will make you the happiest family of the world. 

Isn´t her ideal!? Adopt Bimba!

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